Comfort in the Unknown

Thanks Jaie, for sharing and caring.

Jaie Hart

faceofgodI do not wish to be known by the things that vex me most and so I write about the things I aspire to achieve, the states I aspire to reach and the frames of reference I most wish to hold in this world. As I cut a path through lavender fields of Jacaranda blossoms on the way to work yesterday, I realized that I had not written in quite a while. I’ve not gone out to take pictures, drawn, painted or taken an aware stroll in nature. My life has not been about those things of late. So, what have they been about some might wonder? I would say, “Experience and the perceptions of my experiences in the absence of judgment.” Following a period of just being with my thoughts, just being with my perceptions without any desire to change anything, well, it changed everything.

I cannot begin to…

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