A Labour of Love

On the first Monday in September much of North America takes a day off.  Apparently because of strikes and unrest in the past we celebrate Labour Day now rather than on May 1. I am not sure what the traditions and festivities are supposed to be but the day got me thinking about Labour (or labor for our US friends) and love. Am I doing what I love as my daily labour? If  not, why not?  Am I labouring towards an important goal? A life mission? or am I merely marking time in drudgery?

I am certainly not slogging in a rut working to get through each day but I realize that there are some activities, that I have chosen, that don’t fulfill my soul. I am going to figure out how to honour and respect contracts and remedy the situation.

As you reflect on the day and the turning of seasons, are you living a labour of love? If not, why not?


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