Different Perspective

I drove a thousand kilometers on US Interstate 15 on Sunday and it amazed me that what I thought was a safe following distance (at 129kmph) and someone else (many(all)) thought was a space that I left for them. It occurred to me that there are likely hundreds of other examples of my perception being different from someone else’s. I see change as invigorating you might see it as dreadful. My beloved sees salad roles as one of her favorite dishes and I see them as slimy and inedible.

I see people as capable and powerful. Many others see the same people as vulnerable and powerless. I see opportunity when others see threat and vise a versa.

How do I know we are seeing the same things, meaning the same things, agreeing or disagreeing on the same stuff. I think most of it is by communicating more and better.

That doesn’t help me on the Interstate but I am enjoying watching to see how long the vacuum takes before it sucks a car into the space.

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